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Become All That God Has Destined You To Be

Become All That God Has Destined You To Be

I am blessed to have the opportunity each and every week to bring powerhouse guests to you through my television program! I believe 1onONE is a divinely inspired platform God has given me to empower and strengthen the Body of Christ to become all that God has destined us to be. I also believe the broadcast is a vessel to get God-inspired principles to the masses, and reach the teenager, the CEO and everyone in between.

Why do I believe this is so important? Because, I know with all of my heart that God does not want any of us living short of who we are called to be or having all that we are supposed to have. That is what I call the extraordinary life. Anyone can live ordinary these days…living in financial lack, having health problems or not having peace in your soul is ordinary. But, if you are reading this post, that is NOT the life God has for you.

Trust me, I know what it’s like to live ORDINARY; experiencing what everyone else is going through. But, one day I grew beyond frustrated, being sick, not having God’s best, struggling each and every day, and questioning what my purpose in life was. It was in this dark season that I experienced what can only be described as a God moment. I began to realize that no matter how much I exercised, no matter how much I prayed, how much money I made, or how much I tried to not get upset, I would never experience the great life I so desperately wanted. God began to show me that until I begin to build up the total composition of who Damon is, I would not see His best in my life.

You see, man is a triune being. We are in fact one person, but with three different parts that, together, make up who we are. We are a spirit, we have a soul, and live in a body. We will only succeed in living the extraordinary life when we get all three parts of who we are operating at maximum levels.

If you wish to grow in wisdom and knowledge, and fulfill the will of God for your life to become all that God has created you to be, you must first focus deeply and sincerely on the body, the spirit and the soul!

So, what does that mean? How do I begin this journey? What’s the course that I follow? How do I get on course, and stay the course? Well, one thing is for sure…you can’t do it alone! That’s why I believe our 1onONE community is so important! To fully understand the journey, let me break down the connection between the body, the spirit and the soul. The body, which is your temple, is your physical being. This relates to the areas of health, fitness and nutrition. You must take care of your physical body in order to operate at maximum levels.

But, it doesn’t just stop there. You have a soul. The soul speaks to your inner self, your emotions, your thoughts, and your will. So many people are sick, dying and self-destructing, not from obesity or high blood pressure, but because they are depressed, angry, bitter or just down right unhappy.

And, you are a spirit. The spirit is our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Frankly speaking, this is where most people truly don’t give enough focus. If the spirit is not aligned with God’s purpose for you, then it will throw the body and soul out-of-whack. Understanding this, and focusing on each step of the journey will help you discover and come to terms with who you are, understand who you are NOT, and gain confidence in who God made you to be. It’s not just a journey of your spirit, and not just a journey of your body and soul. This is a journey of revelation of you and for you. This is a journey of discovering some things about what you really think, and what you really feel is important in your life.

So, over the next few weeks, I want to share some thoughts with you on how you can take some simple steps to build up the total composition of who you are! I am ready to set out on this tremendous journey with you and introduce you to a better total self. Understand, this journey is a lifelong one that is full of God’s overcoming power and Great Grace, as the Holy Spirit leads us from victory to victory, glory to glory, and into complete wholeness. In my next blog, I will discuss the spirit and lift the lid on just how vital it is to your total well-being.

And listen, you may be wondering where to get started on your own journey. If so, I want to encourage you to explore my 21-Day Journey to Restoration Package. It is filled with valuable tools for all parts of your triune being. I look forward to our journey together, and confident that you will receive breakthrough in every area that you are standing and believing for through Jesus Christ!

“Now, may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:23

P.S. I’ve received testimonies of how my 21-Day Journey to Restoration Package has helped many people move towards total health! Check out this note I received from Nicole –

 “Thanks, this offer came at a time when I have been seeking God about how to maximize my optimum performance in every area of my life.”

So, jump on it and get yours today!

Winning with you,



  1. I want to maximize my life and fulfill God’s plan for my life. I will be whole, healthy, prosperous, and a blessing.


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