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Declaring Biblical Wealth

Declaring Biblical Wealth


God has opened my eyes and given me profound revelation in an area of my life and I just have to share it with you! What I’ve learned has the potential to greatly impact your life for the better, so listen closely. Now, don’t get nervous when I tell you the topic–get excited! It’s time to talk about finances.

And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

Deuteronomy 8:18

All too often, I receive phone calls and letters from folks in real financial desperation. Their messages are heartbreakingly common: “I’m just not making ends meet! My debts and bills are piling up and my income is trickling in–it’s destroying my life!” I know that when most of us want to be able to hang on to a little more money in our bank accounts, we start by trimming our spending and tightening our budgets. Still, cutting costs only goes so far!

God did not create His people, you and me, to suffer. He created us to walk in power and authority, and to have dominion over our lives. Despite the amazing destiny God has in His heart for us, we convince ourselves that we are powerless to overcome and we settle for a version of “reality” full of suffering. However, when we refuse to give negative thoughts a foothold in our minds, surprising things happen!

If you’re feeling a little skeptical, don’t worry! I understand! Maybe your circumstances have held you under for so long, you can’t imagine being free of them. Maybe your debt-to-income ratio is just too disproportionate. Trust me when I say that it’s so simple to start taking steps in the right direction. I want to share with you some principles of financial wisdom from bestselling author, wealth advocate, and my good friend, Dr. Shirley Clark. Dr. Clark has a strategy, not only to help people dig themselves out of financial pits but to live in wealth and abundance!

“Rich people educate themselves, poor people entertain themselves,” she explained when we spoke about her book, Blessed: How to Attract Wealth Into Your Life. The biggest epiphany she had when she herself was stuck in debt and turned to the Lord in prayer for a solution to her money struggles, was that wealthy people don’t just come by their fortune by chance. They make a conscious choice to educate themselves, and they set their minds on their goals.

As soon as Dr. Shirley began to take that leap of faith and enter into serious, fervent prayer for a new strategy, the Lord moved! He turned her life – and her finances – completely around, not for her glory, but for His!

The key to attracting great wealth into your life starts with changing your mindset by making the choice to surrender and allowing God’s supernatural will to manifest in your life. Many of the people Dr. Shirley worked with are now millionaires simply from taking the step of listening to her counsel and applying the principles in her book to their lives. Once you’ve read the book and begin walking out its principles in your life, your breakthrough will come! You can finally rest in knowing and trusting that the choices you make, with His leading, will bring you into your pre-destined prosperity! All you have to do is take the first step! You can find Dr. Shirley Clark’s book here, at!

 It’s time to bring your life from ordinary to extraordinary!


Winning with you,

Damon Davis

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