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Discover Your Greatest Self

Discover Your Greatest Self

Do you want more from life? Are you ready to become all God destined you to be, and achieve your personal greatness? Did you know you have personal greatness? Well, you do! Discover Your Greatest Self, let me show you…

Recently, I had the pleasure of being joined in the 1onONE studio by Dr. Ruben West, a dynamic speaker, success trainer, and author. He even brought a friend with him to the 1onONE stage — world-renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown!

Ruben’s written an incredible book, called Destination Mastery: 7 Steps to an Extraordinary Life. You are stronger, wiser, and more capable than you may think. Sometimes, all you need is a guide to help you reach new heights. And that is exactly what this book will do for you!

Now, Destination Mastery is no basic “self-help” book. It’s a road map for you on your way to lifelong change, filled with methods and techniques you’ll need to turn your life around and be extraordinary.

Here’s the thing: Your mental mindset will defend how you see yourself, regardless if your perception of self is good or bad; right or wrong. Remember, you can’t see the picture when you are in the frame! In order to experience true change, you have to change your thinking. When you learn how to think differently, regardless of what may happen to you along the way, you will win!

Take Ruben himself, for example. During our interview, he shared that it took him 10 years to become successful in his medical career. Ten years! He dedicated a decade to achieving his dream, and it paid off. Why? Because he had the drive and willingness to do what he wanted to do! Even though he didn’t succeed on his first try, he committed to working on his vision until it became his reality. And now he’s more successful than he could have imagined!

Life is a journey of enlightenment. Deciding to take control of your life is the first step in fulfilling your dreams and creating a larger vision for yourself. You owe it to yourself to do and be something different! Destination Mastery has the tools you need to breakthrough your limitations and achieve your dreams. You see — you have personal greatness. You just need help pulling it out!

Destination Mastery: 7 Steps to an Extraordinary Life will help you build a foundation for creating success in every area of your life. It provides you with the 7 steps that will walk you into achieving your destiny, addressing topics such as:

  • Directing your thoughts
  • Operating in faith and gratitude
  • Redefining your idea of your authentic self
  • Having the will to succeed

Ruben’s ability to help guide people and empower them to be successful is truly remarkable, and I’ve experienced it firsthand! Please, take the first step to fully walking out your destiny. Get your copy of the bundle I put together with Ruben’s book, the Destination Mastery: Quotes and Mastery Tips audio CD, and the full-length 1onONE interview with Ruben West and Les Brown. It’s time to move from ordinary to extraordinary! 

Winning with you,

Damon Davis



  1. I love this!! I want to thrive, not just survive! God is so awesome. I have some ideas to share!!! Please contact me at 610-716-3205. Thanks!!

    • God is in control and lives are being changed! The easiest way to contact the 1onONE team is via email, at!


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