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You Must Take This To Heart

You Must Take This To Heart

It’s been a blessing to walk with you over the last few weeks as we’ve talked about restoring our total man. I hope you’ve enjoyed the previous posts on the spirit and the soul. Today, I want to wrap up the series by talking about the body. We all know we should eat right, exercise, etc., but today I want to talk about the importance of a specific part of your body that needs to be healthy…

The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23 – Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it…(NIV)

Obviously, the writer was using the heart as an illustration of the soul. But, wait a minute…not that I am trying to re-arrange scripture, but what if I was to say it like this…

Above all else, guard your heart, for A HEALTHY BODY flows from it…

The condition of your heart is critical to living the extraordinary life. In a purely natural sense, the state of your heart will determine the state of your overall health. We live in a time when the leading causes of death in the United States are not from environmental factors, accidents, or sickness. The sad reality is that most Americans experience, what could be, preventable deaths. Reports indicate that at least 26% of all deaths in the United States are from some form of heart disease. That is greater than one out of every four. We would never allow anyone to harm us or threaten our lives, yet we are willingly doing damage to ourselves through the decisions we continue to make.

Heart disease doesn’t simply cut short your life. It affects the quality of the life you live. And the affects you experience have a ripple effect all through your life. In fact, this year alone, heart disease will cost the United States $316.4 billion for medical services, medications, and lost productivity. That is a cost that we all bear together.

When it comes to our health, most of us live with a fair degree of denial.

A recent survey showed that 39 percent of Americans thought they had ideal heart health. This is in spite of the fact that 54 percent of those people had been told they had either a heart disease risk factor or needed to make a lifestyle change to improve heart health, or both.

A healthy heart is not the result of drastic behaviors that swing wildly from neglect to restriction and back again. What we truly need is to honestly examine the current state of our health and embrace a lifestyle that is both enjoyable and sustainable.

So, I want to pose some questions to you that will help you get started considering your heart health!

Are you ready?

Question: Do you get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each week? This breaks to down to thirty minutes of walking, swimming, or bike riding five days per week. You don’t have to join a gym or buy expensive equipment to get the time in. Walk with your spouse on the beach, or go play with your kids in the park. The objective is to get your heart pumping and give it the workout it needs. If you have specific restrictions that limit or inhibit your exercise, or if you have concerns about the type of exercises that you should engage in, then talk with your physician and let him or her direct your activities. We can all do something. One thing that may help is to get started on an anti-inflammatory supplement that supports overall joint health.

Question: Do you have a dietary plan that you follow to promote good heart health? Your diet is very important to your heart health. Having a plan is the first step to success! Having a plan you can actually keep up with is priceless. I’m not a fan of plans that have you counting calories, or points or whatever. A plan that is going to promote consistency and achievability will serve you better in the long run. That’s why I always remind my 1onONE community about the blood types diet plan!

Question: When’s the last time you cleansed your temple! Your heart needs proper nutrition to prosper. Stress, food additives, environmental pollutants and even parasites can disrupt your natural ability to digest and absorb vital nutrition. As toxins, undigested food and other wastes accumulate, the balance and function of the natural system tasked with purifying, detoxifying and revitalizing your body can become impaired. A good colon cleanse will purge your body of built-up waste and improving nutritional uptake. The cleansing process supports digestive health and optimizes digestive function, but can also naturally revitalize and rejuvenate your liver, lungs, kidneys and other vital organ systems. Get started today by checking out the ZOE Cleanse product!

These simple thoughts can go a long way to promoting good heart health in your body! You are so valuable and important to God and his Kingdom! You must take care of not just your spirit and your soul… you must take care of your body, too!

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Our entire 1onONE family is praying for you to live the extraordinary life!

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Winning with you,


  1. Comment I Am Highly Blessed And Motivated With Your Wonderful Teachings. Welldone

  2. thank you looking forward to ordering book eating according to blood type.

  3. Pastor Davis, I was overwhelmed with your interview with Pastor T one one connection , I pray God will loose my Finances the get that book and the Holy Spirit wii take from God Spirit and revile it to my spirit , Based on Jeremiah 29/11 I thank U Sir and I applaud U for advancing God kindom.

    • I stand on God word, Joel 2/24 ,25 2Cor 4/18 Mat5/17 , Titus1/2 ,
      Nun 23 /19 Rom3/4 God Bless U with the Blessing of Father Abraham Pastor Damion Davis.


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